Best UX & UI Design Agencies for Startups and Small Businesses in 2020

Here is why you need to work with UX design agencies: Having a startup is like having to fight in many different battlefronts. Similarly, having a small business does not mean that it is an easygoing job to handle.

While one is already extremely busy with everything else in order to run the business successfully, UX design for small businesses is too much of a work to handle without professional assistance.

In the circumstances, UX & UI design agencies have a lifesaving position for people who own small businesses. There are many professional UX design agencies all over the world, looking for offering outstanding service for those in need.

Best UX Design Agencies for Startups and Small Businesses

Here is a list of the best UX & UI design agencies whose primary clients are small businesses and startups. Their focus is on smaller businesses instead of bigger ones, and all of them have the relevant experience and great success stories.

  • Beyond
  • RNO1
  • Major Tom
  • Flightpath
  • Crowdform
  • Isadora
  • Ruckus
  • NuStream
  • Momentum Design Lab
  • Crafted


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Beyond is a UX design agency that has offices in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and London. They are building world-class products for the digital age. It was founded in 2010, and since then, they have been helping their clients navigate in the fast technological age by letting them communicate with their clients in award-winning creative ways.

Beyond’s values are creativity, always going beyond expectations, being fully yourself, maximum respect for all, endless curiosity, being genuine, and embracing the change by following UX design trends.

They mostly welcome small businesses. They bring the best strategy and UX design for startups so that they can come up with a plan, test it, and set up digital products from nothing. They also assess your interaction objectively and teach you how to learn from your competitors.



That digital technology agency is based in the States and Canada, having branches in several cities and states of each country. They are offering UX and UI design for small businesses, startup owners, and agency marketers. It is composed of highly talented and experienced people who are continually emphasizing the importance of the right communication with the client.

They have created their own design model that is called ‘REVOLVE’. They are aiming to help businesses of all sizes to grow constantly.

Major Tom

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Major Tom promises its clients to find clarity in the hectic marketing landscape. They believe that the best way to grow your business of all sizes and reach your targets is to step back to have a look at the bigger picture.

Having branches in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, they offer digital services globally. They have a team of UX and UI designers and engineers who understand UX vs UI difference well. Major Tom makes use of its four-phase approach, which eventually helps you find your winning strategy before diving into a tactical execution that might negatively affect your business.


flightpath agency

Flightpath is one of the most successful UX digital agencies that are based in New York City. It offers UX design for startup companies and helps them navigate in today’s complex digital world to grow and have success stories.

They are aware of the fierce competition in the digital world and preparing your business to have a brave digital battle by providing the best UX and UI designs.

Flightpath also offers a wide range of digital solutions for your small business. They harness digital channels to create genuine value in business. Startups are their favourite clients since they love seeing small businesses grow.


Another award-winning digital agency providing UX design for small businesses, Crowdform is located in London and offering digital services for small businesses, startups, and businesses of all sizes from all around the world. Their slogan is ‘From startups to global brands, we help our clients to create products people love to use’.

The agency has a four-step approach to a product. First, they are working on coming up with a digital strategy, and they decide on the product design. Later they develop software and finally have their final touch with optimizations to result in growth and innovation.


Their motto is ‘Wow the audiences!’

Isodora is a website design agency based in New York City. They are world-famous for their UX/UI designs, and they hold an award, too. They work not only for big brands but also for small businesses and startups.

They seem to realize the importance of adapting continuously. Isodora mostly works with Custom APIs; however, if that is not an option, they prefer to check the templating languages such as Mustache, Handlebars, Underscore, and Jade.


Ruckus is one of the most successful UX design agencies in Canada. Having their main office in Toronto, the professionals working in Ruckus have been providing the best UX & UI design for small businesses.

ruckus agency

They offer not only design but also many digital solutions. They believe that everybody has an outstanding story, and just help them find it.

If you have a new business in Canada, Ruckus will help you achieve your dreams in no time.


When you ask Google about the most successful UX & UI design agencies in Philadelphia, there is no question that it will bring you NuStream as its first choice. Having offices in other cities in the States, NuStream mainly works with the USA although their services are for global clients, too.

Anyone with a startup can rely on NuStream’s designs for better communication with their clients and as a result of faster growth in business.

Since they are very experienced in the American market, they are highly preferred by recently-founded businesses in the USA.

Momentum Design Lab


If you are looking for UX design for startups and you’d like to work with an agency that has connections with Silicon Valley, then Momentum Design Lab might be the one you are looking for. Having offices in Silicon Valley, New York, London, and Sydney, this agency has been working with the finest designers and engineers to achieve perfection.

Depending on their experience and assistance, it is almost impossible not to make your product a lot more successful and improved. They can use their experience with global brands to make your small business one of them.


crafted social media agencies

Crafted is an independent full-service digital agency where they guarantee great things happen.

You will be amazed by their vetted team members and feel that your business in great hands. They say that the essential part of digital marketing is when the right and left brain come together to work. There the logic meets.

The logic and their valuable effort in making your product’s voice to be heard will bring success eventually.

Final words

As we have listed above, fully-capable UX design agencies are waiting to help your business have a more important place in the marketplace. Especially when someone has a small business just set up, it is always the best to let a professional assist you in design while you are busy with doing what you are best at.